Eye Cream : Yes You Should!

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“I should be using it, but I don’t.”  This is the common answer I hear when asked about eye cream.

And I think the reason some people don’t use it is because they don’t SEE that they need it right now.  BUT here’s the thing...by the time you NEED it, you should have already been using it! 
Eye cream doesn’t give you results overnight.  It helps slow down the aging around your eyes - think of it as preventative.  Maintaining what you have now, or an even better way of thinking about it, keeping away the wrinkles you don't have yet.  
As we get older, the area around the eyes will be one of the first places to show it because the skin there is super thin (10 times as thin), more sensitive and drier.
Ideally, you want to start using it BEFORE you start seeing fine lines. In general, in your 30’s is a good time. And if your skin type is dry, start even earlier!  
I put it around the bottom of my eye, around the bone (orbital) and on the side up towards the temple.  I do not put it on my eye lids.  I've found that when I do, the cream seeped into my eyes and causes me a bit of irritation and discomfort.  
** here's a tip - if you start seeing tiny clogged pores (milia) around the eye area, the eye cream is probably too heavy so switch to something lighter.
These are my 2 favourites:
For a lighter everyday eye cream:   Glo Eye Restore $50

For those a little more advanced in age, I use this one: Glo Phyto-Active Eye Serum $110


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