Collagen Infused Bevy!

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Getting older is inevitable.  But looking older is not!  

Supplementing with Collagen will help maintain and boost your hair, skin, nail and even joints!

So when I found these collagen infused sparkling water drinks I was ecstatic! 

Gldn Hour is a line of sparkling water that contains 5g of hydrolyzed marine collagen in each 355ml can! It also contains 36mg of aloe and zero sugar or sweeteners! The zero added sugar is a big one for me cuz I’m not a fan of sweet drinks… and really, who needs the extra calories! 

Gldn Hour isCanadian 🇨🇦 (yay! 👏🏻) based in Ontario and female founded! 

I love their natural flavour combinations! 

🍓Strawberry Mint

🥒Grapefruit Cucumber

🍑 Peach Ginger.  

Drink them on their own or I like to enjoy them in a mimosa or mixed with my favourite gin! Delish! 😋

So why not have a drink while reaping the benefits of collagen? Sounds like the perfect combo to me!! Cheers!!! 🥂



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