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At some point we all start searching for that fountain of youth.  Because let's face it - we all know we are getting older, but no one wants to LOOK older.

Introducing Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

What is that? EGF is used in medicine to speed up wound recovery.  It is a type of protein that boosts the production of collagen and encourages cells growth.  Thus improving the look of our skin - diminished wrinkles,  reducing pigmentation, and improving skin texture.

Did you know? "Skin density thins by one percent each year after we turn twenty."

According to Wikipedia - "Epidermal growth factor can be found in urine, saliva, milk, tears, and blood plasma."  Remember when people were talking about (and cringing at) foreskin facials and you thought OMG?  yup - that's EGF. 😲

Luckily, there's also vegan EGF!  Glo Skin Beauty uses "a synthetic protein that activates natural EGF receptors and accelerate regeneration."  It restores, strengthens and rejuvenates skin, plus it's got hyaluronic acid for bringing moisture to your skin,

Glo's Bio-Renew EGF is truly my Youth in a Bottle.  A couple of drops - either on it's own or mixed with my moisturizer, is all it takes!  Easy peasy!

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 Glo Skin Beauty Bio-Renew EGF Drops


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