To Roll or Not to Roll - why you need to start Face Rolling!!!

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I’ve have a number of people ask me what is that pink face roller thing on my Instagram page.  So here is it...

What is it?

The latest beauty tool for skincare, Face Rollers come in various materials - ours in particular are Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye.  Jade and amethyst are also very popular and they each have their own specific healing "energy."

Why use it?

Reduce puffiness  -  Rolling helps the lymphatic system flow and as a result it helps to reduce puffiness and increase the flow of blood to your skin.  Stones are generally 'cool" so they help reduce inflammation.  Keep your roller in the fridge for added benefit.

Helps absorb products - Applying quality products to your face is just the first step.  You want your skin to actually absorb them!  And that's where face rolling comes in. There is evidence that massage and rolling helps increase the penetration of the products into the skin!

Face sculpting - in addition to draining your lymphatic system (puffiness), face rollers help to contour your face. According to Aesthetician Joanna Czech, face rolling will help lifting.  The muscles in your face "get tight, hold tension" - like a work out for your face!

And feels good!  

How do I do it?

Always use with a lotion, oil or serum to prevent tugging. Also roll on top of the  face masks you use -   

  • Roll upwards and in one direction - not back and forth (I admit I made this mistake at first, lol)
  • Use the smaller end under the eyes, and the larger end for your cheeks, forehead, jawline and neck
  • Keep the roller in the fridge it encourage de-inflammation

Thanks for reading...Happy Rolling!!

Be sure to check out our  Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye  Face Rollers!



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