LashBond LB Bonder

LashBond LB Bonder

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The LB BONDER is a premium super strong 3-5 adhesive specially designed with a flexible hold to bond and move naturally with your lashes.Latex free, formaldehyde free, waterproof and hypoallergenic to ensure longevity and promote healthy lashes never compromising the integrity of the natural lash.



Latex Free

Formaldehyde Free



Cruelty Free



REMOVAL: To remove lashes avoid tugging or pulling, simply saturate a spoolie or cotton pad in the Lashbond remover, press against lashes and slide lashes out.


DISCLAIMER: 3-5 day longevity will depend on application method and individual skin types. We always recommend skin testing if you have sensitive skin to ensure no reaction!  

**There are no known harmful ingredients that could effect pregnant or breastfeeding women, is best to consult with a physician before using.

Do not make contact with the inside of your eye with the glue to avoid irritation and reaction.



Acrylates copolymers

Aqua/ C177266

Propylene Glycol