Ardell Aqua Lashes

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Ardell Aqua Lashes

Retail Price: $19.50

Lashes with glue already on the strip that activates with warm water.  No additional glue or magnetic liner needed.  Seems like a great idea, but I had some troubles.

I thought I could get away without eyeliner for a more natural look. I was wrong.  The strips at the base of the lashes are thick (to accommodate the preloaded glue I'm guessing). So the strip looks VERY obvious when you put them on.  A dark eyeliner is definitely needed to hide the strip and to hide the gap between the strip and your real lashes.  

Also, after you dip it in water to activate the glue, the lashes do get wet.  Which is a pain when you have a full face of make up on. But once they were on, those babies weren't going anywhere!!  So they are definitely good at sticking if you're wondering if they will stand up to a night of partying.


  • All you need is water! No need to purchase separate glue or separate magnetic liner.
  • They are very dramatic if this is the look you are going for.
  • Once in place, they stay on VERY well. They stay on way better than the magnetic ones. 


  • There are currently only 4 available styles and they are all very dramatic! This set #340 is the most natural set and I still wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing these as my day to day lashes.
  • The glue-loaded black strip makes it necessary to wear a black eyeliner. Otherwise the strip stands out making your lashes look like FAKE lashes.
  • After you dip it in water, the lashes do get wet. A pain then you have a face full of makeup on and you’ve just spent time getting that liquid liner wing perfect! 

Final verdict:  Great if you are experienced at putting on lashes and if you are looking for something dramatic that is not going to come off for sure.  These will stay on through a night of dancing and partying!  But I would pass on these if you are looking for a day-to-day more natural look.

Rating:  3/5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️



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